Sims Freeplay Spa Event

One of my favorite games on the mobile device is EA’s The Sims Freeplay. And what’s even better is the continuous development and update of the game. In fact, they even hold special events like the Health Spa Community Event. With this even, players get to earn special items that they can use for their beloved sims. Lets take a look.

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While all have an idea of what a spa looks and feels like, this update has some cool twists to it. Players get to develop and construct different kinds of Gem deposit. So like when a players puts in quartz for deposit, overtime this will unlock other kinds like Moonstone or Jade or other random gems. With a specific sim assigned to collect this gems, this sims call also increase the gem productivity by doing multiple deposits.

As the deposit – collection continues, this will contribute to the whole community goal which when reaching a certain amount will unlock special prizes like new fixtures, windows, doors and other stuff that your sim can decorate their respective houses.

There is also the new Coin Flower Patch where sim players can use to collect Construction Coins. In case you don’t know, here’s how it is done. Plant a new Spin Flower on the coin Flower Patch. This allows you to use the slot machine like game and win Construction coins. While basic spin will cost you 400 quartz and mega spin cost 20 social points, this spins are well worth it. You know why? Because this can be traded for personal prizes. Take for example if you unlock a set of Spa Robes or spa rugs, hot springs, manicure station, mud mask chair, massage tables and many more. And once you complete all this, you will be rewarded with a full Spa Resort Template on our home.

So there you have it. Another cool addition and update to the sims Freeplay game. Should you need any sims freeplay cheats guide, just follow the link and you should get to play the game to the next level. Till next time. Chow!